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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy utilizing manual lymph drainage and  Lymphatic Enhancement Technology©. Improves lymphatic flow and decreases congestion and stagnation within the body. Prompts deep relaxation and enhances immune function. Manual lymphatic drainage used along with Lymphatic Enhancement Technology© works many times faster than manual lymphatic drainage therapy alone. Helpful for recovery from injury or surgery, reduction of swelling, sinus congestion, digestion, breast health, and overall health. 


Therapeutic Massage. Integrating heat, direct muscular-fascial release, Swedish, and trigger point therapy. A balance of deeper pressure and relaxation, utilizing techniques that slowly and comfortably reach into tight muscles and connective tissue. Release muscle tension, pain, restriction, and stress while increasing range of motion and overall well being. 


Integrative Bodywork.  A combination of muscle body work and lymphatic therapy. 


Bodywork for Breast Cancer Survivors is integrative bodywork that may include some or all of the above therapies, addressing constrictions and discomfort due to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. As a cancer survivor myself, I am familiar with the aftermath of cancer treatment and how hard it can be to regain comfort and mobility in the affected area. Breast cancer survivors are in a unique place in the healing process because their bodies can greatly benefit from bodywork, but they are also at risk of having or worsening lymphedema due to lymph nodes being removed at the time of breast surgery. With attention to each client's unique experience, and care to the affected sites, discomfort and movement constrictions may safely be addressed for better strength, range of motion, and comfort. 


Rate at time of service

60 minutes $80

90 minutes  $110


Medical Massage  & MVA billed at  $45 unit, $180 hour





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