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"Wonderful lymphatic massage. I think it's doing wonders for my immune system, not to mention digestion issues and just plain mental health"--Don


"Julie gives an amazing massage. Thorough, with the perfect touch."-- Amy
"So relaxing. She asks what I need and then she proceeds to give exactly that. I always book my next before I leave."-- Marilyn 

"Julie Decker, LMT is not only a skilled massage therapist, but also a dear friend who, like me, is a breast cancer survivor. I know that she understands my scar tissue issues and lymphedema potentials. She finds my aches and pains and leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. It’s important to me to know that she will be effective in her treatment yet not be so deep that I will be in pain after the massage. I would recommend Julie to anyone wanting to relieve stress and feel their best pain free self." --Patricia Meyer, LMT 



"Julie works from a place of gentle intention. She is present and listens and works with you to apply the most beneficial treatment. She is skilled in the modalities that she has used with me. I highly recommend her."-- Gerald
"Julie has an extraordinary gift for therapy! She has helped me with low back issues that no one else that I have tried has been able to address. Julie's approach is first to listen and then intuitively apply the modality that works. I have been a massage therapist for many years myself and have come to recognize great talent when I see it. Highly recommend:--George Bare LMT CCH
"Julie, thank you for relaxing me like you did. It is hard to just let go and your calm, unhurried nature as well as your long, conscious strokes always do that for me. Not too hard, not too soft...somehow you've got it just right for me. See you soon."-- Nan


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